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April’s Giveaway ! The Missha Super Aqua Ultra Water-full gift set

I’m giving away the Missha Super Aqua Ultra Water-full gift set 🙂


Don’t miss it ! You can participate through my Facebook page :



Here is the giveaway (make sure you follow the instructions , it’s really easy and take less than a minute :p)


make sure you post on this link :




Good luck ! 😀


W2beauty’s 2015 first Giveaway !

Hey guys ! 🙂


So sorry for not posting updates recently ! :((


I’m having a Giveaway running right now and you can still join in :



It is the Innisfree special 15th Anniversary gift set !  Good luck !


New Giveaway from W2beauty :)

New 21st Giveaway with W2Beauty 

The “Innisfree Welcome Autumn Kit for Green Tea Club Members – VVIP” 

well… that’s what you will be getting ! 

How to participate ? Very Simple as usual … 
1) Like W2Beauty’s fanpage on FB (https://www.facebook.com/W2Beauty) 
2) Like the Giveaway picture
3) Comment : ” W2Beauty ”
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5) BONUS : tag #alicew2beauty on Instagram 

***** What’s inside ?? *****
– Calming bubble cleanser 70ml
– Calming gel cleanser 80ml
– Canola Honey serum 15ml
Perfect 9 Repair cream 30ml

Come visit my online shop at : *** http://www.W2Beauty.com*** , free shipping worldwide , lots of freebies and about 10.000+ Korean Cosmetic Products !! :)) 

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Good luck ! :)) — with W2Beauty

21st giveaway


W2Beauty’s 15th Giveaway <3

<img src="https://w2beautysales.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/15th-giveaway.jpg" class="size-full" alt="W2Beauty's 15th Giveaway

Join our giveaway on Facebook :

15th GIVEAWAY from W2Beauty has now started !! Win one of Innisfree Special Christmas Set ! Good luck !

1 Winner every 300 likes !

How ? Very Simple
1) Like W2Beauty’s fanpage on FB (https://www.facebook.com/W2Beauty)
2) Like the Giveaway picture
3) Comment : ” W2Beauty ”
4) Share the Giveaway picture

Good luck :)) Come visit our online shop at
*** http://www.W2Beauty.com *** , free shipping worldwide , lots of freebies and about 11.000+ Korean Cosmetic Products !!!

IOPE Air Cushion XP Giveaway !

Hello  Everybody !

Don’t miss out this Air Cushion from IOPE !! participe here :


14th giveaway



I’m sorry for not being really active here but it will change starting from December 🙂


Indeed, great news 🙂 My bf is going to quit his job to fully dedicate his time with me on W2beauty 😀

All the projects that I wanted to set and start, I will be able to starting form December :p all the new products, new brands  etc :)) Lots of great things coming up hihihi


Hope you will still follow me ! <


Thanks everybody for your support !