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SSIN Stealer, new Hera UV Mist cushion and Innisfree Cushion cases

Hey hey !!

Lots of new products again 🙂

SSIN Stealer products is now available here :

 – SSIN’s Products


Also, HERA UV MIST CUSHION 2016 now available here :



And check out the huge collection of new cases from Innisfree, here :

– INNISFREE Cushion cases collection


check out all the new products here :



ssin 880

VDL now available at W2Beauty.com

I’m so glad to be introducing you VDL ! I really do like this brand and it is really getting more and more popular in Korea these days , they have great products that i’m sure you will absolutely love !


Many of their items have some awards from some of the most popular shows in Korea such as Get it Beauty but also from Allure and Powder Room !

find their products here :




one of their comercial here :



April’s new products on W2Beauty

I recently added hundreds of new products ! 🙂 New products from 3CE, Etude House, Banila Co, Nature Republic and so many other brands :p


Check them out ! i’m sure there are items you will absolutely love !!


Click on the picture or check here :


What should be W2Beauty’s Slogan ?




Help me find a slogan that suits W2beauty :)))) Just leave your ideas on the comment section  on my facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/W2Beauty/photos/a.640910979259425.1073741830.546654222018435/976382425712277/?type=1&theater

Here are some that may give you some ideas : 

The Faceshop : inspired by nature 
Nature Republic : From earth 
AmorePacific : the Asian Beauty Creator 

If yours is chosen, you will receive a $50 coupon Thanks in advance and let the creativity begin



Banila Co new products 2014 ! :)

hey hey ! After the Faceshop yesterday , today it is the turn to present you the newest items from Banila Co 🙂

let’s start with the most exciting product of the bunch :p


Banila Co CC foundation BE10 spf32 – 3 tones (BE10, BP15, BE20)



new april part 1 (181) new april part 1 (184) new april part 1 (185)


Banila Co Intense care moisture balm spf13 01 Baby Pink



new april part 1 (187)


Banila Co Intense care moisture balm spf13 02 Soft peach



new april part 1 (190)


Banila Co Intense care moisture balm spf13 03 Purity Beige



new april part 1 (192)

Banila Co Balancing Finish cream



new april part 1 (199)


Banila Co Moisturizing Finish Cream



new april part 1 (200)

Banila Co Colors auto stick shadow 01 OR



new april part 1 (201)

Banila Co Colors United colors of Benetton nail polish



new april part 1 (194)