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April’s new products on W2Beauty

I recently added hundreds of new products ! 🙂 New products from 3CE, Etude House, Banila Co, Nature Republic and so many other brands :p


Check them out ! i’m sure there are items you will absolutely love !!


Click on the picture or check here :


Banila Co Tinted Seoul new line with Song Ji Hyo!

Since a good thing never arrive alone, here is another great and promising collection from Banila Co 🙂


Song Ji Hyo is so gorgeous … I really feel like she endorse Banila Co better than Jessica did .. which is really not easy to do

have a look at the new collection from Banila Co, the Tinted Seoul , of course below is not the entire collection, have fun and check them all out in the “new products” or http://w2beauty.com/index.php?controller=new-products 🙂


Here we go !


Banila Co Tinted Seoul – I Love Seoul 01 Garosu Aura




1 1-2




Banila Co Seoul Wonder Smooth Gel Eyeliner (Shine) Shine Pink



3 3-2




Banila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacquer 04 Biwon



15-3 - CopyBanila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in LacquBanila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacqu 15-3

Banila Co Multi Eye Pallette Shadow Garosu Aura



20 20-3


Banila Co Seoul Wonder Smooth Gel Eyeliner Smoke Khaki




21 21-2



Banila Co Multi Ball Powder




Banila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacquer 02 JIHYO Pink







Banila Co Multi Eye Pallette Shadow Fall in Seoul



27 27-2




Banila Co It Radiant CC Shimmer Cushion Shimmer L



30 30-3



Banila Co It Radiant CC Shimmer Cushion Shimmer N




35 35-2


Banila Co new products

Hey 🙂 I told you there are a lot going on isn’t it ?? I still have HUNDREDSSSSS of new products coming out for you guys 🙂


have a look at banila co ‘s latest products 🙂


Do you want to get them ? 😀

As usual, just click on the picture if you wish to buy them 🙂


20-2 21-2 1 9 11 (2) 12 (1) 15 15-2 16 (2) 17-2 18-2 19-2

Banila Co Acid Color collection – Available at W2Beauty.com

Find all products from Banila Co – Acid Color collection here in our online shop : http://www.w2beauty.com


Banila Co Nail 1 (1) Banila Co Nail 2 (2) Banila Co Nail 3 (2) Banila Co Nail 4 (1) Banila Co Nail 6 (2) Banila Co Nail 7 (2) Banila Co C 84 (1) Banila Co C 88 (1) Banila Co C 90 (1) Banila Co C 92 (1) Banila Co C 93 (1) Banila Co C 98 (1) Banila Co C 99 (1) Banila Co C 100 (1) Banila Co C 101 (1) 0 POUR TOUS LES ACID COLOR

What’s New at Banila Co ?



Come and have a look at our entire catalogue of Banila Co’s products ! 🙂


CC Cream, face make up , point make up … find them all there :


For Make up base, it’s here  : http://w2beauty.com/en/273-banila-co-makeup-base

For Face make up, it’s here : http://w2beauty.com/en/274-banila-co-face-makeup

For Eye Makeup, check here : http://w2beauty.com/en/275-banila-co-eye-make-up

For Lips make up , find them all here : http://w2beauty.com/en/276-banila-co-lips


Or just visit us and see all our brands and products (over 9000) at http://www.w2beauty.com





Banila Co Products at W2Beauty.com

banila co

(Click on the banner to access to all Banila Co Products)

Banila Co on W2Beauty, All Banila Co Products and over 8000 thousands products in the entire shop ! Shop as if you were in Korea! Enjoy and don’t forget to login before checking out to accumulate points and get some discount vouchers !