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A’Pieu essential source snail special gift set :)

A’Pieu essential source snail special gift set is now available ! 😀

you will find those 4 items :

Snail vital skin 130ml

Snail vital lotion 110ml

snail vital cream 50ml

mild whip cleansing foam 30ml


A’Pieu Essential source snail set


a-pieu-essential-source-snail-set a-pieu-essential-source-snail-set2 a-pieu-essential-source-snail-set3 a-pieu-essential-source-snail-set4

A’Pieu new lines

A’Pieu has been renewing A LOT of their items recently and also created some new lines of products 🙂


their latest line of skincare is the Eco Fresh line, it is actually different lines , find them here:



Few pics 😛


Eco Fresh Original 100 Essence Start up

9-4 - Copy


Eco Fresh Forever Moist Cream

1-3 - Copy


Eco Fresh Future Water Cream

2-3 - Copy


Eco Fresh White Luminous Cream

3-3 - Copy


Eco Fresh White Luminous Fluid

6-4 - Copy


Aqua Nature Deep Sea Dew Drop Capsule Essence

7-4 - Copy



Aqua Nature Bamboo Dew Drop Capsule Essence8-4 - Copy



Eco Fresh Original 100 Essence Start up

9-4 - Copy (2)

News from A’Pieu ! :) The Improved Essential Snail cream is back

For those who have been waiting for A’Pieu Snail cream to come back 🙂


Here it is ^^ the improved version of it ! Renewed !

What’s so special about this new line ? they used new / better ingredients ! And something very specific, they used Snails that ate Ginseng to make this snail cream 🙂 So that it has better properties ! 🙂 Excited to discover ?  You can find it in our shop 😀


Here:  http://w2beauty.com/en/a-pieu-skincare/11177-a-pieu-essential-source-snail-vital-cream.html

Apieu N 1 (1) Apieu N 2 Apieu N 3 (1) Apieu N 4 (1) Apieu N 5 (1)




Below is their Goat’s Milk line :

Apieu N 6 Apieu N 7 (1) Apieu N 8 (1) Apieu N 9 (1) Apieu N 10 (1)



Here is the Hyaluronic Acid line, despite the name, the Hyaluronic is currently the new trend in Korea, all the brands are having the Hyaluronic line of skincare! Apieu N 11 Apieu N 12 (1) Apieu N 13 (1) Apieu N 14 (1)



And finally, their last new skincare line : The Collagen line 🙂

Apieu N 15 Apieu N 16 (1) Apieu N 17 (1) Apieu N 18 (1)

A’Pieu ‘s Products at W2Beauty.com


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