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W2Beauty Slogan will be decided by you :)


In the end, I really couldn’t find only 16 since there are many ideas I really like…
vote for the one you prefer 🙂   after the name and ” – ” is my personal thoughts on the slogan so that you know why I picked it 🙂


vote here in the comment section : https://www.facebook.com/W2Beauty/photos/a.640910979259425.1073741830.546654222018435/986289524721567/?type=1&theater

1.    From Korea, with love (Alexa Kaiser) – Simple yet efficient
2.    For You, To You, With You. (Thùy Linh) – nicely formulated
3.    Ready? Click. Beauty! (Sabrina Tedjokusuma) – Good idea that has the concept of shop
4.    from friend to friend (Anna Gao)  / 4.b Beauty between friends  (Sarah Drechsler) – idea of friend which definitely reflect my feeling for you guys! It’s like making new friends 🙂
5.    Beauty is just a click away (Serene Tay) – has the idea of shop and well defined
6.    Please yourself / Rediscover yourself. / Meet the real you (Margaux A. Navas) – very personal and appealing
7.    Be beautiful, Feel beautiful, and Look beautiful (Rosalina Concepcion) – beautiful in every ways 🙂
8.    Your beauty partner (Shierry Rose Concepcion Mendoza) – Always happy to help and that reflects it well 🙂
9.    The taste of korean magic (Mad Oupy) – Korean Magic ! like a fairy tale and dreams
10.     we are beauty (Niyatika) – We ARE beauty ! that’s a really strong one
11.    the beauty next door! (Marina Fioretti) – idea of accessibility and trouble-less
12.    where beauty begins (Shabrina Putri R) – Because this is just so true 😀
13.    Beauty for all  (April Ling) – Include all type of people, young, mature, asian, western, Arabic, black, rich, student, for all ! and that is very true
14.    For your beauty (Nora Alfayez) – a really meaningful one
15.    The beauty Wonderland (Gloria Li) – For the Wonderland idea 🙂
16.    What’s her secret? (Stephanie Murphy) – The beauty secret are revealed and are accessible
17.    Let’s be pretty together  (Rainy Lullaby) – Because we get on this beauty trip together, really friendly one
18.    Because beauty is a choice (Arnz Hernillo)- remind of the idea of shop and to all the choice of product available 😀
19.    Beauty, it’s simple (Yessica Rostro)- really meaningful one
20.    You are beautiful, let everyone know (Ana Ruiz Armario) – Super Strong and really appealing
21.    Haven of Exquisite Korean Brands (Maria Alyssa Martinez) – Idea of all the products & all the brands  available in the shop
22.    products that will make a change (Iris-annabel Metsik) – A meaningful one that would suggest trying out the Korean cosmetic and see the outcome by yourself
23.    find your true beauty (Eugenia Cabello)- powerful one

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