My Weekly’s Picks

Hello :))

This is a new section i’m about to start !! My weekly’s Picks !!!

Every week, I will show you some exciting products that I do love and that I do recommend you to try 🙂 I will of course try to elaborate my picks ^^ but this new project sounds exciting 😀   I also accept contributions from my bloggers so please feel free to let me know 😀

  1. 1st Week’s Picks !


20130811_204252 20130811_204217 20130811_204153 20130811_204146 20130811_204105

I just love it so much and whenever I go to A’Pieu, I will have some fun with it 🙂


20130811_210225 20130811_210247

This is THE ITEM I never go out without 🙂 It is always in my Bag no matter what haha .. In fact .. I have like 3-4 Air Cushion at home… “Just in case” haha

2nd Week’s Picks !

Hey ! 🙂 I know i’m terribly late for the new updates … i’ve been quite busy fixing issues and because of a workshop i participated in Tokyo for few days 🙂 (i’ve been invited as a korean beauty expert… such a honorific title haha)

Well, this week, there is something I absolutely want you to discover, it is the INNISFREE COLOR GLOW LIPSTICK in 10 colors 2013-08-17 19.13.31

2013-08-17 19.15.09

I tried to mimick Yoona .. but well … she is yoona after all … so my attempt was a total failure haha 🙂

I hope you will give it a try because … I definitely will 🙂

Since we are at Innisfree, there is another product I wish to recommend you 🙂  The soy bean essence ! I like it because you can feel the product working on your skin, really.

2013-08-17 19.15.33

Well, that’s all for this week ! I will keep you updated asap for the next one 😀


3rd Week’s Picks !

Hey !! 🙂 I’m so late again for this weekly’s pick but this week’s one are absolutely amazing ! and I believe every single person who bought and tried those products would agree with me ! To me, those are – by far- the most quality/cost efficient ratio in my entire shop !

The quality is just fantastic and the price makes them super attractive ! I believe some of you have guessed which brand i’m talking about ….. Starting with a B ……

BENTON of course !! 🙂

As a bonus, you can even see the picture from when I’ve met Mr. Lee, CEO of BENTON 🙂

Benton Mr Lee

Benton Skincare 1 (1) Benton Skincare 2 (1) Benton Skincare 3 (1) Benton Skincare 4 (1) Benton Skincare 5 (1) Benton Skincare 5 (1)

Believe me , once you’ve tried these products, you will most likely fall in love with them and won’t be able to stop using them :p


19 thoughts on “My Weekly’s Picks

  1. Oh, this seems to be really interesting! I want to buy a whole bunch of different products from w2beauty, so that I will get many free samples (samples is almost the best about ordering from Korea! Feels like christmas when you are unboxing.. 😀 )
    The thing is… I don’t know WHAT to order!

  2. I’m so happy that you’ve the new products from “Innisfree” in your shop. It’s my favourite Korean brand and I can’t wait to try out the lipsticks!
    And Yoona looked SO pretty in the new CM! But like you said, she is Yoona! ^.~
    I hope you had fun in Tokyo!

    • it is a new concept :p the Cushion 🙂 haha it’s a type of powder but more moist and that applies more evenly , easier to use as well … all brand are starting to have their own Cushions but IOPE was among the first and also the leader in it 😉

    • The cushion is a”new” and trendy concept in korea nowadays.. It’s a power pact like and can be use as concealer/bb cream/foundation/cc cream

      It’s really up to how much you wish to cover and makeup 🙂 but it is really a GREAT item to have :)) and once you have it, you will definitely find your own way to use it hehe 🙂

  3. I have in my skin pigmentation How do I remedying
    I also have open the pores in my skin
    What are you recommend me can i buy it from your store
    and can you talk more about Iope

  4. I really do want to try iope air cushion xp after hearing lots of good things about it. But cant really get it now, so hopefully I can try it soon 😉

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