Korea’s shopping

I thought it’s been some time since the last time I’ve uploaded some pictures of the shopping streets and environments :p so with the christmas decoration set, that’s a great opportunity to show you how much it has changed ;D

Enjoy :))

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2 news brands on W2Beauty ! Leaders and illi

Hey :)))

I’m glad to announce 2 new brands will be joining the current list today ! ^^

Leaders and illi !


For Leaders, i’ve told many of you about their products , really really good ones ! especially the AC Active Spot serum to fight against acne ! 🙂


Leaders A 21 Leaders A 21-2 - Copy Leaders A 55 (1) Leaders A 56-2 - Copy



Also, illi, a brand from AmorePacfic specialised in cleansing and body & hair products 🙂

I’ve heard good things about this brand in korean blogs etc so I wanted to share it with you 🙂

illi CLeansing A 5 illi CLeansing A 5-2 18 1


Enjoy the discoveries !!! 🙂 Some more brands are on their way ;p