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i’m so happy to notify you of the beginning of the special sales ! -10 % discount from today until the end of the festivities !! use the coupon “W2ENDYEAR15” to benefit from the discount 🙂


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Tons of new products from September 2015 in the shop :)

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there a loads of new items added during this week end in the shop 😀


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among the new products, there is the very cute Verite UV cushion from the limited edition Wonderstory , over a hundred new products from Missha , many new products from A’Pieu, Innisfree, Skinfood, Primera, etc … you will love it 😀

April’s new products on W2Beauty

I recently added hundreds of new products ! 🙂 New products from 3CE, Etude House, Banila Co, Nature Republic and so many other brands :p


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New products from February !

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Alice Winter’s 9 favorite !

Hey guys ! I know it’s a bit late to do so but i have been so crazy busy that i really didn’t have much time to make such a post … but .. better late than never , right ? ;p

I thought it would be nice to make a post about some of my current favorite items but you should already know most of them 🙂  those are really moisturizing products that will help keep your skin well hydrated and protect it from the harsh winter .. (why 9 ? i don’t know .. hehe)


  1. Cleansing foam – Benton Honest Cleansing Foam

It’s really moistfull even after cleansing. It doesn’t give me any skin stimulation. Bubble is really mild. It’s a bit hard to make good bubble for cleansing so I use this cleansing foam with bubble ball/bubble maker(Innisfree bubble ball).

benton benton1 benton2 benton3 benton4 benton5 benton6 benton7

  1. Skin care – Clio Goodal Waterest Lasting Water Oil

This “Water oil” is the BEST item among this winter season to me. My skin type is combination which is easily dry and oily. This water oil is just right for my skin! I use this water oil after toner. When I apply this I try to massage my face to lift my skin. It’s not too rich as you would think of a water oil. It’s really more like water but it keeps moisture of inner skin well. It’s light and watery  giving it a really deep moisture like oil. You can use this water oil as skin or serum/essence. Just after cleansing or toner 🙂


  1. Skin care – Innisfree Canola Honey Oil

I don’t use oil that much usually but in winter, it’s like a “HAVE TO” use item. Sharp winter wind tear my skin so easily. This oil seems like making a barrier for my skin. It covers the skin well and keep it well moistured. It’s really easy to have a glossy skin look after applying this oil.
Since my skin is a bit oily I use this oil with my moisture cream. When I apply my moisture cream, I put few drops on the cream and mix well and then apply it on face. If you have normal or dry skin, then you can just apply this oil well and then put cream.

IMG_0661 IMG_0664

  1. Rich cream – Banila co Ms Flower Mr Honey Cream

Maybe some people recognize that I just fell in love with honey, haha.
When weather goes to minus degree (and trust me… that happens so often in Korea.. ), my skin cannot handle with only moisture skin+facial oil. I need richer cream to keep strong moisture barrier to protect my skin . This Banila co Ms Flower Mr Honey Cream is really really rich. I would say it’s more like a balm than a cream. It melts on the warm hands well so when I apply this cream, I take some with spatula within the package and I melt it with my hands first. (you can see that i almost finished my cream there … hehe :p )

And then apply on the face with light massage. It smells just like honey! love it so much !
Whenever I’m quite tired to open my sleeping pack, I just apply a lot of this cream and sleep.
For a tip, just after applying this cream, it may not be easy to put skin makeup products. You may need to wait a bit before. To make the process faster, you can cover your face with your palms to help :))

IMG_0643 IMG_0647 IMG_0656

5. Lip care – Aritaum Ginger Sugar Lip Scrub& Overnight Lip Mask


This two Lip care set is so good! In winter, I easily have dead skin on my lips (same as a lot of people I suppose) . But I cannot just ignore this dead skin because this is the enemy of lip color makeup especially lip sticks, otherwise your lips with look flaky and well.. just not nice 😉 . So during the cleansing, I wet my lips with warm water and then scrub with this Ginger Sugar scrub. It helps me to remove dead skin so easily and it smells good! I can wear my lip sticks/tint everyday due to this scrub 🙂
Scrubbingis really important but moisturizing is also really important. It’s like a pair of shoes. If goes just so well together ;D

Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask is more for night care. Of course you can also use this as normal lip balm. I love this lip mask because there is no fragrance and color ingredients in this lip mask. Other lip mask/balm has their own flowery or sweet fragrance and it really doesn’t help me sleep. But this lip mask doesn’t bother my sleep.

IMG_0704 IMG_0705

6. Moist cushion – Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion/Etude Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion

I am big fan of every cushion items! hehe

Lately, I try using the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion or the Etude Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion in winter. After I use Banila co CC Cushion as base makeup, I apply one of these two cushions. I think these cushions have a bit more moisture than the other cushions 🙂 especially the Innisfree one (but well .. The Hera UV MIST CUSHION ULTRA MOISTURE SPF34 would still be a bit better – more expensive though )

IMG_0676 IMG_0678 IMG_0686 IMG_0689 IMG_0692


7. Hand cream – Mamonde warm hand cream

This is Jojoba oil based hand cream but it’s not just a normal moisturizing hand cream. After apply this hand cream, hands become warmer as well !! haah . Its thermal(mineral water) complex helps warm my hands. I always put this hand cream next to my door so just before I go out, I apply this hand cream and rub&massage in the elevator. And another one is always in my pouch 🙂


8. Body – Illi Total Aging Care Body Oil

This body oil is already popular. It includes ginseng, green tea and camellia oil complex to vitalize, anti-age and moisturize skin. After Shower, my body is still a bit wet, I apply this oil with my palms. It’s always good to start from legs. It helps lift our body skin and stimulate body lymph. When I need to wear my clothes and go out, I wash my body with water again and then remove water with soft towel carefully. (pat gently with a towel to remove water from your body , it’s better for your skin to dry yourself this way ;D)
For a little tip for you, I apply body oil to elbow and knee again after shower. Those are really easy to get hurt in winter. And especially tights and legs because I love to wear skirts 🙂



9. Sleeping pack – Sulwhasoo overnight pack

I love to use the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack as everybody knows but I also love using the  Sulwhasoo Overnight pack for winter. It’s a bit richer and it really holds my facial skin during night. I always use sleeping pack especially in winter because my body can hide from the cold air during night but not my face!





hope you will get a better Winter ;p

Banila Co Tinted Seoul new line with Song Ji Hyo!

Since a good thing never arrive alone, here is another great and promising collection from Banila Co 🙂


Song Ji Hyo is so gorgeous … I really feel like she endorse Banila Co better than Jessica did .. which is really not easy to do

have a look at the new collection from Banila Co, the Tinted Seoul , of course below is not the entire collection, have fun and check them all out in the “new products” or 🙂


Here we go !


Banila Co Tinted Seoul – I Love Seoul 01 Garosu Aura



1 1-2




Banila Co Seoul Wonder Smooth Gel Eyeliner (Shine) Shine Pink

3 3-2




Banila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacquer 04 Biwon

15-3 - CopyBanila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in LacquBanila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacqu 15-3

Banila Co Multi Eye Pallette Shadow Garosu Aura

20 20-3


Banila Co Seoul Wonder Smooth Gel Eyeliner Smoke Khaki


21 21-2



Banila Co Multi Ball Powder


Banila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacquer 02 JIHYO Pink





Banila Co Multi Eye Pallette Shadow Fall in Seoul

27 27-2




Banila Co It Radiant CC Shimmer Cushion Shimmer L

30 30-3



Banila Co It Radiant CC Shimmer Cushion Shimmer N


35 35-2


Lots of new products from September 2014 :)

Hey hey ! I’m so sorry for disappearing for quite some time 😦 I recently had an eye surgery (LASIK) so that I can remove my glasses and well… it took longer than expected to recover and doctor recommended me not to use computers etc ;s


But well, i’m happy to be back :)))

Also, I worked hard to catch up on all the new products :p I finally managed to add them all ! Check them out here :


New products from Etude House, Clio, The Faceshop, The Saem, Banila Co, 3CE, Skinfood etc…

here are few pics of the products ..


115-2 115-2 - Copy 115-2 - Copy (4) 115-2 - Copy (3) 115 114-2 - Copy 114-2 - Copy (5) 114-2 - Copy (4) 114-2 - Copy (3) 114 110-4 - Copy 110-2 109 108 90-31 90-16 89-3 88-2 87-5 87-4 86-5 85-4 81-4 80-4 78-2 78 77-7 77-2 76-11 76-3 75-4 74-4 72-5 72-2 71-4 71 70-2 70-1 69-9 69-7 69 67-2 67 65-24 65-23 65-15 65-4 65-3 65 64-10 64-5 64-2 61 38 37-4 37-2 37 36-4 36-2 36 35-4 35-2 35 34-3 34 28 26 25-3 25 24 23 22-2 - Copy 11 6 3 1



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There are lots of new products available in the shop now 🙂


Check them out here :


Some new products from many brands such as Sum37, Tony Moly, The Faceshop, Etude House, Holika Holika, Nature Republic, Banila Co, The Saem, Missha, A’Pieu … and many more !


I will be adding some new brands and some more updates soon ! :))) stay tuned 😀

Prices down for Clio and Banila Co :)

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I just stroke a new deal with both Clio Peripera and Banila Co 😀


you can now enjoy some price drop in the shop , make sure to press F5 to see the updates 😀


Clio :

162-2 - Copy



Banila Co :