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Important notification

Hello guys ! This is Alice,

I will be out of Seoul from the 6/8 to 17/8 (going to a trip to Europe for my annual leave) so I won’t be at the office …

That also means I won’t be able to ship the orders passed during that period and will only be able to ship packages when I come back ! 

I’m really terribly sorry for the inconvenience that may cause ..

BUT as a compensation for the wait, I will be OFFERING a Peripera Nail polish for FREE for all orders passed during this period !!

The nail polish will be given randomly but it will be one of those colors below, of course, you will still be entitled to all the freebies from my gift policy 🙂 

For those of you who haven’t seen my gift policy yet, you can check it out here :

This nail polish is an extra gift for this period only 🙂 (AND IT IS ONE TIME PER PERSON – NOT PER ORDER – ;p)

Free gift W2beauty

-*-*-*-* If you decide that you do not wish to wait, I can of course proceed to a refund 🙂 

Please send me an email to : “” with the title ” Refund order ID XXXX” 

(XXXX is your order ID that you will receive by email once you passed your order) 

I will then do so when I can reach my email (I will of course still do my best to access my emails but please understand that I won’t have internet that often … so the reply time might be a bit long but worry not, I will come back to you asap, promised) 

Happy shopping and hope you will forgive me for having you wait ;( 

if you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me as well !