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20th Giveaway ! :)

For this Giveaway, I decided to go for the Laneige’s 20th Birthday Special water bank gel cream gift set 🙂

1-2 20th giveaway 2008


to participate, really easy 🙂  check my facebook page or just click on those pictures above :p


Good luck !


FB link :


3CE nail stickers makeup tutorial

Hey guys 🙂

Want to know how to have beautiful nails without much of an effort ? 🙂 Nail stickers are for you !



you can find all 3CE nail stickers here :


happy shopping ;D

Banila Co Tinted Seoul new line with Song Ji Hyo!

Since a good thing never arrive alone, here is another great and promising collection from Banila Co 🙂


Song Ji Hyo is so gorgeous … I really feel like she endorse Banila Co better than Jessica did .. which is really not easy to do

have a look at the new collection from Banila Co, the Tinted Seoul , of course below is not the entire collection, have fun and check them all out in the “new products” or 🙂


Here we go !


Banila Co Tinted Seoul – I Love Seoul 01 Garosu Aura



1 1-2




Banila Co Seoul Wonder Smooth Gel Eyeliner (Shine) Shine Pink

3 3-2




Banila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacquer 04 Biwon

15-3 - CopyBanila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in LacquBanila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacqu 15-3

Banila Co Multi Eye Pallette Shadow Garosu Aura

20 20-3


Banila Co Seoul Wonder Smooth Gel Eyeliner Smoke Khaki


21 21-2



Banila Co Multi Ball Powder


Banila Co It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacquer 02 JIHYO Pink





Banila Co Multi Eye Pallette Shadow Fall in Seoul

27 27-2




Banila Co It Radiant CC Shimmer Cushion Shimmer L

30 30-3



Banila Co It Radiant CC Shimmer Cushion Shimmer N


35 35-2


Etude House My Castle hand cream !

WOOOOoooooooooOooo !


I’m sure you have heard of it or saw it on my Instagram 🙂 but Here it is !! The Etude House My Castle Hand Cream is now available and even the limited edition one ! 🙂

I honestly love them all so much ! (and already got myself the set :p)  You know you already have so many hand creams, but well, Winter is coming and … even if I know I have too many, this one is just too cute to not get it haha ..

you can find them here !


for the limited edition special 4 set :

Etude House LIMITED EDITION My Castle hand cream Special package 4 set

12-2 12



, for individual ones :

Etude House My Castle hand cream

11 11-1 11-2 11-3 11-4



get the special set before it is discontinued which will most likely happen very soon !

Secret Key finally available :)

I know many of you have been waiting for Secret Key, especially the White Snow line to come 🙂


I finally got some time to do so ! here it is :


This is Secret key’s most popular line I believe 🙂

secret key2



Secret Key Snow white cream 50g



Secret Key Snow white milky pack 200g




Secret Key Super plumping Jelly cream


55 55-3 - Copy (2)


Secret Key Snow white 3 set (skin, cream, essence) 61




W2Beauty Slogan will be decided by you :)


In the end, I really couldn’t find only 16 since there are many ideas I really like…
vote for the one you prefer 🙂   after the name and ” – ” is my personal thoughts on the slogan so that you know why I picked it 🙂


vote here in the comment section :

1.    From Korea, with love (Alexa Kaiser) – Simple yet efficient
2.    For You, To You, With You. (Thùy Linh) – nicely formulated
3.    Ready? Click. Beauty! (Sabrina Tedjokusuma) – Good idea that has the concept of shop
4.    from friend to friend (Anna Gao)  / 4.b Beauty between friends  (Sarah Drechsler) – idea of friend which definitely reflect my feeling for you guys! It’s like making new friends 🙂
5.    Beauty is just a click away (Serene Tay) – has the idea of shop and well defined
6.    Please yourself / Rediscover yourself. / Meet the real you (Margaux A. Navas) – very personal and appealing
7.    Be beautiful, Feel beautiful, and Look beautiful (Rosalina Concepcion) – beautiful in every ways 🙂
8.    Your beauty partner (Shierry Rose Concepcion Mendoza) – Always happy to help and that reflects it well 🙂
9.    The taste of korean magic (Mad Oupy) – Korean Magic ! like a fairy tale and dreams
10.     we are beauty (Niyatika) – We ARE beauty ! that’s a really strong one
11.    the beauty next door! (Marina Fioretti) – idea of accessibility and trouble-less
12.    where beauty begins (Shabrina Putri R) – Because this is just so true 😀
13.    Beauty for all  (April Ling) – Include all type of people, young, mature, asian, western, Arabic, black, rich, student, for all ! and that is very true
14.    For your beauty (Nora Alfayez) – a really meaningful one
15.    The beauty Wonderland (Gloria Li) – For the Wonderland idea 🙂
16.    What’s her secret? (Stephanie Murphy) – The beauty secret are revealed and are accessible
17.    Let’s be pretty together  (Rainy Lullaby) – Because we get on this beauty trip together, really friendly one
18.    Because beauty is a choice (Arnz Hernillo)- remind of the idea of shop and to all the choice of product available 😀
19.    Beauty, it’s simple (Yessica Rostro)- really meaningful one
20.    You are beautiful, let everyone know (Ana Ruiz Armario) – Super Strong and really appealing
21.    Haven of Exquisite Korean Brands (Maria Alyssa Martinez) – Idea of all the products & all the brands  available in the shop
22.    products that will make a change (Iris-annabel Metsik) – A meaningful one that would suggest trying out the Korean cosmetic and see the outcome by yourself
23.    find your true beauty (Eugenia Cabello)- powerful one

Hyuna – Tony Moly BCDation All master spf30

Hello ! 🙂


I’m sure that many of you already know that Hyuna became the endorser of Tony Moly recently 🙂

So I want to show you here her commercial for the new Tony Moly BCDation All master spf 30



isn’t she pretty ? I’m not certain she is well suited for a brand such as Tony Moly, she would be so much better endorsing Clio / Peripera for example but well, i can’t deny that she is really pretty nevertheless 🙂


you can find the BCDation here :

2-3 - Copy 2-3

I will definitely give it a try since I really liked the first version of the BCDation 🙂 let’s see how it turns out for this one 😀


Will you be getting it as well ?



What should be W2Beauty’s Slogan ?




Help me find a slogan that suits W2beauty :)))) Just leave your ideas on the comment section  on my facebook page :

Here are some that may give you some ideas : 

The Faceshop : inspired by nature 
Nature Republic : From earth 
AmorePacific : the Asian Beauty Creator 

If yours is chosen, you will receive a $50 coupon Thanks in advance and let the creativity begin