Important notification about W2beauty !






Hey guys ! :))




I have an important notification 🙂

Please take the time to read this below :



2014 fb chuseok

Hey guys !! :)) 

it is Chuseok soon so I wanted to make sure to notify all of you  !

From the 7th to 9th, it is going to be a public holiday in Korea (which means no shipping possible) 

Also, I planned to take an eye surgery (Lasek) to kind of “heal” up my eyes and remove my glasses  😀

For that reason, from early September until Mid September, there will most likely be some delays in either the mails or orders shipping … it is going to be my “holidays” but I will still work half time   ;p

I hope you guys will forgive me but no choice, this is the best timing to have my surgery done and after surgery i won’t be able to stay in front of the computer too long before it heals up completely … 

Hope you will read this notification before spamming me on email asking me what is happening 🙂




One thought on “Important notification about W2beauty !

  1. I am going to buy a lot of mask from your site. So I want to pick out the shipping as EMS. Is that ok? Also I want to know do u have any discount for me cause I am going to buy more than 300 dollars.


    发自我的 iPhone

    > 在 Aug 28, 2014,14:36,” ✦ Korean Cosmetics online shop ✦” 写道: > > >

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