VBProgram Slimmer DX review

Many of you have been wondering what this is, the “famous” Slimmer DX from VBProgram showcased by Jun Ji Hyun

here is the commercial :


In that video, she tells us “how to do diet to get a special body line”. especially for the girls who gets fat even from drinking water. (which would be a good way of describing myself, sadly.)


Did you see my Instagram picture of VB Program Slimmer DX?

I’ve been having slimmer DX for 4 weeks already and it really works! (for me, of course!)

My waist used to 23-24 inches. But after Thailand and Hongkong trip, I gain a lot of fat. That’s all because of the food! 😦


When I choose a dress, I do care about “waist line” because that is very important point of female body line. Slim waist helps me to get slimmer look.


Slimmer DX is specialized to reduce body fat especially abdominal and waist line.

It had a clinical test with ladies and they really lost their body fat and gain slimmer waist line. with that result, Slimmer DX got a prize of Jangyongsil on 2006 which means that it is tested technically. It helps to reduce body fat and it also helps bowel movement.


Here is the ingredients:

난소화성말토덱스트린, APIC대두배아열수추출물 등 복합물, 대두배아열수추출물(대두추출물:대만산, 미국산), L-카르니틴, 정제수, 밀감농축액(한국산), 녹차발효추출물분말, 자일리톨, 감귤향, 황금혼합농축액, 구연산, DL-사과산, 효소처리스테비아

Such indigestible maltodextrin, APIC soy germ complex water extract, soy germ hot water extract (soybean extract: Taiwan, America), L- carnitine, Water, Citrus Juice (Korea), fermented green tea extract powder, xylitol, citrus zest, golden mixed concentrate, citric acid, DL- malic acid, enzyme treated stevia


If you have allergy of soybean or milk or you are children or pregnant woman, then please talk with your doctor before having this.


1 ampoule bottle is 25ml and there are 30 bottles inside which is for 4 weeks. One bottle is for one day. It recommend you to have it in the morning, before meal / before or after work out.

You can drink without water 🙂

Its taste is like fruits juice and it smells sweet.


I’ve been having this for 4 weeks already. I just drank my last bottle today!
and this is my real experience. I honestly like it quite a lot and will definitely get another pack (or maybe try the other products from VBProgram so that I can talk about it in the future for you guys :p )


1st week, I couldn’t feel that much different actually. It just reminds me that I’m on a diet hehe.

2nd week, I felt a bit lighter than usual, especially my abdomen. Even though I couldn’t go to toilet, I didn’t feel that my stomach is full or heavy.

3rd week, I even felt that my abdomen and waist area lighter and I lost my weight!!!! I swear I ate like usual and my schedule was same as usual. It was just 1kg though 🙂 but I felt my body is much much lighter than usual.

4th week, I just stepped on the scale. I lost 2kg total, and my daily pants fit loose to me today 🙂 !!!


I will drink this for this rest of summer for sure!

This Slimmer DX is not like the other diet food insist that it burns or removes all the fat inside of our body. But I think it helps to reduce body fat with usual meal and exercise.

How easy and smart!


Where to buy ?

Here with free shipping and lots of samples 🙂



and you, want to give it a try ? 😀

bg_2 vbprogram-vb-s-lite-slimmer-dx 41

2 thoughts on “VBProgram Slimmer DX review

  1. I really want to try it out. It seems amazing. Unfortunately it is a bit pricey 😦 I think I have to wait until I have enough money for that

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