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Important notification about W2beauty !






Hey guys ! :))




I have an important notification 🙂

Please take the time to read this below :



2014 fb chuseok

Hey guys !! :)) 

it is Chuseok soon so I wanted to make sure to notify all of you  !

From the 7th to 9th, it is going to be a public holiday in Korea (which means no shipping possible) 

Also, I planned to take an eye surgery (Lasek) to kind of “heal” up my eyes and remove my glasses  😀

For that reason, from early September until Mid September, there will most likely be some delays in either the mails or orders shipping … it is going to be my “holidays” but I will still work half time   ;p

I hope you guys will forgive me but no choice, this is the best timing to have my surgery done and after surgery i won’t be able to stay in front of the computer too long before it heals up completely … 

Hope you will read this notification before spamming me on email asking me what is happening 🙂




Hey hey :)))


There are lots of new products available in the shop now 🙂


Check them out here :


Some new products from many brands such as Sum37, Tony Moly, The Faceshop, Etude House, Holika Holika, Nature Republic, Banila Co, The Saem, Missha, A’Pieu … and many more !


I will be adding some new brands and some more updates soon ! :))) stay tuned 😀

Beauty tips on AHA&BHA product (+ Retinol)

Beauty Tip 01

Did you know that there are some skincare products that cannot be used at the same time? (or rather, better not because it can cause reaction for some people) You can of course still but in those cases, better not apply skincare at all :p There are bad couples of ingredients.

1) AHA&BHA + Retinol
You shouldn’t use this two products at the same time. Retinol helps to boost little wrinkles by covering epidermis and thick skin but also it exfoliates. So if you already use AHA/BHA to exfoliate then Retinol will just hurt your weak skin. You can get skin damage or dermatitis easily.

* AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid)

*BHA(Beta Hydroxy Acid)

*Retinol (Retinyl acetate, Retinyl palmitate, Retinyl aldehyde)

You’d better use the retinol products at night.

History of Whoo Soo line, Basic Line and Hwanyu Line !

And Finally , the last ones , History of Whoo Soo line, History of Whoo Basic Line and History of Whoo Hwanyu Line !



First the Soo line :


History of Whoo Camellia Moisturizing Oil





History of Whoo Soo Yeon Jin Cream




History of Whoo Soo Yeon Lotion




History of Whoo Soo Yeon Balancer



The basic line now :




History of Whoo Hand Cream SPF10




History of Whoo Foam Cleanser




History of Whoo Nok Yong Pack




History of Whoo Jin Hae Yoon Sun Wrinkle




History of Whoo In Yang Neck&Face Sleeping Repair




History of Whoo Oil & Jin Pore Care Essence





History of Whoo In Yang Outline Mask




And below the Hwanyu line:



History of Whoo Hwanyu eye cream




History of Whoo Hwanyu essence




History of Whoo Hwanyu cream


History of Whoo makeup and Whitening line !

Now let’s see the new Makeup and whitening products from History of Whoo :))


the makeup :




History of Whoo Essential CC





History of Whoo Secret Court Lip Balm




History of Whoo Secret Court BB Ball Powder




History of Whoo Cream Pact SPF34 PA++





History of Whoo Jewelry Powder (1-Beige, 2-pink)




History of Whoo Color Pact




The History of Whoo new whitening line :



History of Whoo Whitening Essence Sunscreen






History of Whoo Whitening & Moisture Glow Cream SPF30




History of Whoo Whitening Program Kit




History of Whoo Whitening Mask


History of Whoo Cheon Gi Dan Line and Jinyul line

Now you will discover the Cheon Gi Line and the Jinyul line from History of Whoo


let’s start with the Cheon Gi :



History of Whoo Hwahyun Cream






History of Whoo Hwahyun Balancer




And then Jinyul line now :


History of Whoo Essential Moisturizing Cleanser

25-2 34



History of Whoo Essential Foam




History of Whoo Essential Cleansing Oil




History of Whoo Essential Massage Mask





History of Whoo Wrinkle Essential Cream





History of Whoo Jinyul Essence




History of Whoo Jinyul Eye Cream




History of Whoo Jinyul Cream




History of Whoo Jinyul Lotion




History of Whoo Jinyul Balancer


History of Whoo Myeong bak Line (Special Care) :)

Hello ! 🙂 today, i’m going to post an update of the History of Whoo Myeong bak Line (Special Care)  🙂



History of Whoo Spot Brightening Ampoule and Stick





History of Whoo All in One Cream




History of Whoo Secret Court Cream





History of Whoo All in One Treatment

38 38-2



History of Whoo Hwahyun Gold Ampoule





can you see how amazing the package of the products are ? that’s truly something I absolutely love from History of Whoo, the package itself can make you feel like you are holding something special !

VBProgram Slimmer DX review

Many of you have been wondering what this is, the “famous” Slimmer DX from VBProgram showcased by Jun Ji Hyun

here is the commercial :


In that video, she tells us “how to do diet to get a special body line”. especially for the girls who gets fat even from drinking water. (which would be a good way of describing myself, sadly.)


Did you see my Instagram picture of VB Program Slimmer DX?

I’ve been having slimmer DX for 4 weeks already and it really works! (for me, of course!)

My waist used to 23-24 inches. But after Thailand and Hongkong trip, I gain a lot of fat. That’s all because of the food! 😦


When I choose a dress, I do care about “waist line” because that is very important point of female body line. Slim waist helps me to get slimmer look.


Slimmer DX is specialized to reduce body fat especially abdominal and waist line.

It had a clinical test with ladies and they really lost their body fat and gain slimmer waist line. with that result, Slimmer DX got a prize of Jangyongsil on 2006 which means that it is tested technically. It helps to reduce body fat and it also helps bowel movement.


Here is the ingredients:

난소화성말토덱스트린, APIC대두배아열수추출물 등 복합물, 대두배아열수추출물(대두추출물:대만산, 미국산), L-카르니틴, 정제수, 밀감농축액(한국산), 녹차발효추출물분말, 자일리톨, 감귤향, 황금혼합농축액, 구연산, DL-사과산, 효소처리스테비아

Such indigestible maltodextrin, APIC soy germ complex water extract, soy germ hot water extract (soybean extract: Taiwan, America), L- carnitine, Water, Citrus Juice (Korea), fermented green tea extract powder, xylitol, citrus zest, golden mixed concentrate, citric acid, DL- malic acid, enzyme treated stevia


If you have allergy of soybean or milk or you are children or pregnant woman, then please talk with your doctor before having this.


1 ampoule bottle is 25ml and there are 30 bottles inside which is for 4 weeks. One bottle is for one day. It recommend you to have it in the morning, before meal / before or after work out.

You can drink without water 🙂

Its taste is like fruits juice and it smells sweet.


I’ve been having this for 4 weeks already. I just drank my last bottle today!
and this is my real experience. I honestly like it quite a lot and will definitely get another pack (or maybe try the other products from VBProgram so that I can talk about it in the future for you guys :p )


1st week, I couldn’t feel that much different actually. It just reminds me that I’m on a diet hehe.

2nd week, I felt a bit lighter than usual, especially my abdomen. Even though I couldn’t go to toilet, I didn’t feel that my stomach is full or heavy.

3rd week, I even felt that my abdomen and waist area lighter and I lost my weight!!!! I swear I ate like usual and my schedule was same as usual. It was just 1kg though 🙂 but I felt my body is much much lighter than usual.

4th week, I just stepped on the scale. I lost 2kg total, and my daily pants fit loose to me today 🙂 !!!


I will drink this for this rest of summer for sure!

This Slimmer DX is not like the other diet food insist that it burns or removes all the fat inside of our body. But I think it helps to reduce body fat with usual meal and exercise.

How easy and smart!


Where to buy ?

Here with free shipping and lots of samples 🙂


and you, want to give it a try ? 😀

bg_2 vbprogram-vb-s-lite-slimmer-dx 41

Lots of new products :))))

See them all here :


and here :


Happy shopping :)))