Sum37 Water-full Triple story ampoule Review

Today, I wanted to make a review on something I just tried recently :)) A great discovery !

The Sum37 Water-full Triple story ampoule (some pictures below)


you can of course find it in the shop here :

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Sum37 Water-full Triple story ampoule


Since it launched at April of 2012, every summer, this watery ampoule is a hot best seller! It means that people really love this item J


In their manual, this ampoule needs only 1 sec to absorb to skin. Haha. In my experience, like… 3 sec? J



When you see the ampoule, you can see 3 layers which is its special point.


I guess someone wonder the name of this product, “triple story”. It means that their special 3 layers. We can see the 3 layers with the colorless bottle.



It has perfect ratio which is balhyo oil 23 : balhyo water 42 : Oxygen 35. You can see that 3 layers in one ampoule. There are 3 ampoules in one box. One bottle can be used within 10 days so 1 box is for one month treatment.


1st layer

Balhyo oil(fermented oil) : Pracaxi oil is a skin protection in the Amazon. Fermented pracaxi oil helps to protect moisture of our skin and get the balance of water and oil.


2nd layer

Balhyo water(fermented water) : Snow lotus blooms every 6 years in high mountain. People who live there use this flower to protect their skin from cold wind and strong sunshine. Fermented snow lotus water is included in this ampoule. Also it includes fermented bamboo water and fermented flowers(red clover flower, hibiscus flower, gold-silver flower).


3rd layer

Oxygen : this oxygen is from fluorine oil which has 33% of the oxygen. This oil is used by a therapy for burn patients. In the air we breathe has 22% of oxygen.


Before using, shake the bottle to mix the 3 layers well and it would be recommend to use this your facial skin directly instead of using our palm. So please use its special entrance, apply on the facial skin directly. After applying, pat softly to absorb.

When we apply, we can see some water drops. It’s the oxygen which helps to bring the ingredients to your skin and also, it cool down the skin temperature. That’s why I love this ampoule for summer and lots of people love it. Haha.

A little later, moisture goes into the skin and the fermented oil covers the skin again. But it doesn’t feel oily at all.


This ampoule helps really a lot for balancing moisture and oil of inside skin. So dry skin and even oily skin can use and especially, hot weather like nowadays.


If you want to use whole line of the Sum37 water-full line, here is the guide.


1 step : Sum37 Water-full Triple story ampoule

2 step : Sum37 Water-full Water gel essence


3 step : Sum37 Water-full Water gel eye filler

4 step : Sum37 Water-full Water gel cream

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