Delays for 3CE , Sum37 and OHUI items :(

delays copie


Really sorry for having you guys wait :((( but no choice but wait for them to deliver me … ;s hopefully you can understand and won’t lose patience as I often do when not receiving my packages from them haha :p   but well, 3CE, O HUI and Sum37 are brands that are worth waiting so please wait for me :p


Also, have you seen the new design ?  what do you think of this new logo ?



like it ? :p it was designed by one of my loveliest Unnie that help me all along in the W2Beauty adventure so I wanted to give her credit for all her work 🙂 My Unnie Marie Anne 🙂


if you wish to have some business request for her, here is her email address :

(she probably don’t know I’m writting this post and giving away her email address …. she may kill me soon :p )


One thought on “Delays for 3CE , Sum37 and OHUI items :(

  1. I am wondering if it it still possible to pre order the sum:37 miracle rose cleansing stick. I did not see it available in the store. Thanks!

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