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Princess makeup table now available at ! :)

Hey hey 🙂


I know you guys have been waiting for that 🙂  it is now available hehe , you can get it here :



Etude House Princess makeup table

185 185-2 185-3

also, find the new nail products , the summer collection ! 🙂


Etude House Play Nail Melting Summer nails – 11 colors

186 186-2 186-3 - Copy 186-3


Etude House Play Nail Melting Summer nails

187 187


Etude House Bunny Nail

188 188-2

Etude House makeup box


Etude House came out with a lovely makeup box 🙂 I do plan to add it fairly soon :p want to get one for yourself as well ? :)) hihi


you really can put many items in it , I will take a pic or video about it if I do receive some request for it 🙂


in any cases, it will soon be available so get ready hehe 🙂

Is anyone interested with beauty food ?

hey hey 🙂


Do you guys have any interest in beauty food ? for brands such as O’garden or VB program ?


I may add those to the shop depending on your reply :p


here are some products for you to check :p you can also watch the videos on youtube, see the beautiful Jun Ji Hyun endorsing the VB Program 🙂 150 150-3 150-4 154 154-3 154-4 155 164 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 181-3 181-4 183 183-3 183-4 183-5



New giveaway ! :)))







Hello guys :)))

I haven’t done a giveaway for a while now so I hope you will like this one 🙂


to join , just click on the picture and check on my Facebook :))

17th giveaway banner 2 1

Giveaway on W2beauty Instagram :)

instagram giveaway


This is a special giveaway for Instagram  I wish to thank all the followers on my instagram and those who are not following yet, “Alicew2beauty” is my instagram :))) 

First of all, you need to follow me of course to participate :p

then you just need to follow the steps show on the picture🙂 tag #w2beauty and #alicew2beauty and eventually @alicew2beauty


Have fun and be creative and don’t be shy ! :))) I will play the game as well hihi  — withW2Beauty.


The Su:m37 Cleansing stick is currently still not available , but you can always pre order yours :))

rose stick


pre order here :

you don’t know what the Miracle Rose cleansing stick is ? read the superb review from Skin & Tonics here :


Lots of new products from May :)

Yeahhh :))) I finally managed to make it and update the newest products for most of the brands ! and I have some other surprises getting ready as well :p new brands will be coming soon hihi but shhhhh , it’s a secret yet 😀

discover the newest product here :

new may

Missha all around safe block sun milk – newest ads !

The Sun is back and you definitely need to protect your skin ! ! Sunblock is the very first defense against the sun and is an absolute MUST in your skincare routine ! 🙂


it can save you big time from all the damage the sun is doing to your skin ! 😀



find Missha’s sunblock here :



it’s Skin power 10 formula

it’s Skin power 10 formula  has been around for so long and is quite a good seller all around the world 🙂


What do you think ?

find them all here , free shipping worldwide and lots of samples at


Missha UV Cushion base Spf50

OHHHHH !! A brand new product from Missha that really looks amazing 🙂 Especially seeing the cushion trend spreading everywhere in korea and abroad !

here is a video from Missha showing how it works 🙂

Missha UV Cushion base Spf50


You can get it in my shop really soon 🙂


happy shopping 🙂 Also, don’t forget to download my App if you are using Android ;p  APP name : W2beauty


The App will be available really soon on iTunes 🙂 one more week to wait until it gets verified by Apple 🙂 Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel :p