Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick from Su:m37

Start getting into the queue by ordering the Su:M37 Miracle Rose cleansing stick here : 


you will receive yours as soon as your turns come in the queuing list  

you don’t know what the Miracle Rose cleansing stick is ? read the superb review from Skin & Tonics here : 


1484716_637723979632833_2105488497_n miracle rose cleansing stick


7 thoughts on “Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick from Su:m37

  1. Hi,
    I emailed you but there was no reply. Hi,
    If I would like to pre-order the above mentioned product, how long is the waiting time for it to be confirmed & shipped out? In the event that there is no stock, will a refund be made?


    • Hello 🙂 Sorry for my late reply

      To pre order, you just need to pass your order in my shop and as soon as the stock will be back, I will then be shipping yours directly :)) (when your turns in the queue come 😀 )

      • Hi ! I can’t find the link to pre order the cleansing stick. can u link it here?


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