Huge Giveaway !

Hey hey ! :))


I’m preparing a huge giveaway for celebrating my 20000+ likes on Facebook as well as celebrating the fact that I just figured out i was on the first page on Google for the search : Korean cosmetics


that really really made my day and I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support, love and work you have given me all this time hihi

So , I really wish to thank you all and for that, I need your help ! What would you like for the giveaway  ? give me some suggestions please !  Im already preparing some really good things for you but having your opinion really matters as well 😀


leave a comment for what you would love to have in the Giveaway :))


5 thoughts on “Huge Giveaway !

    • Hello :)) Innisfree green tea line has been renewed to a brand new 2014 version with lots of new items : )) check them out 😀

      and that’s indeed a good idea for a next giveaway 😀

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