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Su:m37 is now available at

Hello :))


After several request about su:m37, I decided to add this brand as well to the shop because they really do have amazing products


you can see them all here :

I will of course try to get some better prices later on so please stay tuned 🙂


And here is a short preview of some of their best sellers:


SUM37 Flawless Regenerating Skin 150ml




SUM37 White Award Micro Clear Toner 170ml



SUM37 Time energy Skin Resetting Softening Emulsion 130ml




SUM37 Secret For men Programming Essence 80ml




SUM37 Secret Repair Concentrate 50ml

13 13-2 - Copy 1613967_639976722740892_924658970_n 1606880_635930956478802_1369640382_n


SUM37 Flawless Regenerating Essence 50ml




SUM37 1102 Extreme Time Control Vital Essence 40ml



SUM37 White award Whitening Spot Essence 45ml



SUM37 Flawless Regenerating Eye Cream 20ml



SUM37 Water-full Timeless Moisturizing Cream 50ml



SUM37 Secret Repair Concentrated Cream 50ml


SUM37 White Award Whitening Intense Program 50ml




SUM37 Miracle Finisher 50ml



SUM37 White award Luminous Mask



SUM37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick 80g

64 1484716_637723979632833_2105488497_n



SUM37 Air Rising Cushion in Pact No1




SUM37 Air Rising Moist Cushion Foundation SPF46 PA No1




SUM37 Air Rising Moist Pact No1








Hera catalog renewed to 2014 version :)

Please have a look at all the renewed item from Hera 🙂


All prices are also updated ! :))) Happy shopping 😀


Many items that I absolutely love from Hera :


HERA Cell Bio Cream Cell-bio omnifocus

1 1-2 1-3 1-4


HERA Cell Essence Cell-bio fluid sync

2 2-2 2-4



HERA Sun Mate Leports SPF50 PA

40 40-2


HERA Age Away Intensive Emulsion

19 19-2


HERA Kathano Serum

23 23-2


HERA Kathano Cream

32-2 32-3 32



Hera Waterin gel Cream



HERA CC Cream (Complete Care) SPF35 PA+

46 46-3 46-4


HERA UV Mist Cushion Long Stay

47 47-2 47-3



Hera UV Mist Cushion

52 52-2

HERA Sheer Holic

90-3 90-5


HERA Homme Cell Brightening Treatment Fluid



HERA Homme Cell Vitalizing Essence in Skin


HERA Magic Starter

42 42-2 42-3 42-4


HERA Rouge Holic Excellence

87 87-9


Do you like Missha’s glam art rouge lipsticks ?

Hello !! 😀

What do you think of Missha’s glam art rouge lipstick ??


I kind of like the Orange and actually tried it … but it was a disaster on me haha … well at least I just wanted to show you the vid :p

But the colors are really so pretty ! :((( Sight..




HUGE PERMANENT Discount at W2Beauty

price drop


Heyy everybody !! :))
I have a great news today !! Yes !! you saw it
All the prices in my shop changed and everything became CHEAPER !!  —->
Make sure to check those brands since the discount is the biggest on them : IOPE , HANYUL, LANEIGE, MAMONDE, ILLI, SULWHASOO, HERA, PRIMERA !

Other discounts will come later I believe hihi

This is to thank you guys for your amazing support and thanks to you, W2Beauty became bigger as well and I could manage to get better prices about everywhere after becoming a VVIP in like… all the shops

I’m really excited to share this news with you guys ! And keep you updated for the HUGE giveaway that will take place soon :))))

Happy shopping with W2Beauty

If you are new : visit my shop at, it is free shipping worldwide with lots of gifts and freebies


Baviphat has arrived to W2beauty ! :))

hehe Lately I have been keeping lots of surprises for you guyz :))


One more, is that Baviphat is now available at


Feel free to check out their cute items here :


Happy shopping and lovely week end to you all :)))

Sulwhasoo price updates !

Great News !!

Following a new contract I have with AmorePacific, I can now update my pricelist for almost all AmorePacific products, that of course Includes SULWHASOO, but Also Hera, Iope, Laneige, Mamonde, Primera :)))

So be ready and see the price changes !

See the Sulwhasoo newest prices here :


That’s about 20% Cheaper than my previous prices !! you really can’t make a better deal than this now !  No more reason to hold back hihi

Also, I do plan to completely remove the “reward points” system from my shop and just implement the discounts directly to the shop, do you think it’s a good idea ?

Instead of giving back as reward points, I may as well just deduct it from the product’s prices


Happy shopping !


Opened to resellers-Wholesalers 🙂 Please contact me at :

Huge Giveaway !

Hey hey ! :))


I’m preparing a huge giveaway for celebrating my 20000+ likes on Facebook as well as celebrating the fact that I just figured out i was on the first page on Google for the search : Korean cosmetics


that really really made my day and I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support, love and work you have given me all this time hihi

So , I really wish to thank you all and for that, I need your help ! What would you like for the giveaway  ? give me some suggestions please !  Im already preparing some really good things for you but having your opinion really matters as well 😀


leave a comment for what you would love to have in the Giveaway :))

Mamonde Rose water line :)

Want to discover the new line from Mamonde ?


Watch those videos :

* [Mamonde] Rose Water Toner 90.89% Real Rose Water with Song Kyung A

Mamonde – Rose Water Toner 250ml US$26.28

* [Mamonde] Rose Water Bubble Cleansing Foam with An Young Mi

Mamonde – Rose Water Bubble Cleansing Foam US$24.13

* [Mamonde] Rose Oil&Salt Gel Scrub with Kim Sae Rom

Mamonde – Rose Oil&Salt Gel Scrub US$36.80



Etude House Dust Cut new line :)

Hey !  🙂 I just woke up this Morning and saw some new products from Etude House 😀

And since there were only few of them, I even rushed and added them to the shop :)))


Discover them here :

– Etude House Dust cut facial mist Super Defence


1-21-3 1-4


– Etude House Dust Cut Finish cream Super Defence



– Etude House Dust Cut Micro foam cleanser Super Defence




– Etude House Dust Cut Mask sheet Super Defence


O HUI is now available at :)

Hey there ! 🙂
I’m glad to tell you that I finally managed to add O HUI products to my shop 🙂 I hope you are as excited as I am and please have fun discovering their items here :

You can now buy all O HUI items with free shipping worldwide, lots of free samples and freebies :))

Some of their items here , discover the rest in the shop :

– O HUI White Extreme Essential Peeling 60ml


– O HUI The First Cell Revolution Massage Foam 170ML


– O HUI Cell Power No.1 Essence 130ml (65ml*2EA)


– O HUI The First Geniture 77ml

– O HUI Cell Revolution Night Treatment Mask&Oil 60ml+20ml


– O HUI Powder SunBlock EX 20g


– O HUI UV Color Control Cream 15g*2


– O HUI Real Color Shadow


– O HUI Rouge Real 3g


– O HUI Illuminating Pact 11G


– O HUI Aqua Healing Pure Gel Cream 88ml


– O HUI Cell Revolution Cream Soft 1

– O HUI Cell Revolution Ampoule 30ml


– Aqua Healing Intensive Gel Mask 30g x 6sheets 55

– O HUI All In One Power Treatment 110ml