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Etude house Magic Any Cushion

Hey ;)) I just uploaded the Etude house Magic Any Cushion from Etude House


it comes in 3 colors : pink, mint and peach


find them here :


– Etude house Magic Any Cushion (Pink)



Etude house Magic Any Cushion (Mint)




Etude house Magic Any Cushion (Peach)



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Special offer :))




Etude House Collagen moistfull winterproof cream x2


for only $31 ! Shipping fee included ! 🙂

special offer



Skin79 purple bb cream ! :)

Find out Skin79 newest BB Cream, the Super Plus beblesh balm BB Whitening UV protecting spf 40 (Purple BB Cream)

Which color of the famous skin79 BB Cream do you prefer ? 🙂

Want to buy them ? Find them in our shop at :


The Skin79 The Super Plus beblesh balm (BB Cream)

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Etude House Look at my eyes 3 color Pallete (3 colors)

Etude House again !! :)))) with a lovely new set of eye shadow in the form of a pallete !


3 different colors and 3 different choices !

Which one do you prefer ? #1 ?     #2 ? or     #3 ?

Look at my eyes 3 color Pallete (3 colors)

Buy them here :

19 19-3 19-6 19-4 19-7 - Copy 19-5 19-7

A’Pieu new makeup :)

Another post on A’Pieu’s products because they definitely deserve more coverage 😀

A’Pieu Fruits Candy Stick

you can find them here :

29-3 30 31 32 33 27 28 29

– Another new item is the A’Pieu Perfect Fit Concealer Duo  (in 2 colors, NB01 and CB01)

to buy the NB01, here :

to buy the CB01, here :

34-4 - Copy 34-4

And one of the item I expected the most is :

The Smart Cushion case !! the case that allows you to create your own Cushion ! 🙂 the same as the IOPE one I love, yes ! you can make it so that it suits your skin tone perfectly !!

39 39-2 39-4


AND an item that I really really really think there is a nice potential to it :

Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher 


Find them all here:


Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher WH01

16-3 - Copy 16-3

Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher RD01

17-3 - Copy 17-3


Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher PK02

18-3 - Copy 18-3


Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher PK01

19-3 - Copy 19-3


Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher CR02

20-3 - Copy 20-3


Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher CR01

21-3 - Copy 21-3



You wish to have a clean face ?

I haven’t tried it myself just yet, but I’ve read LOTS of reviews concerning the cleansing enhancer lately and honestly… I think I will buy it soon !

Why ? I do believe that it definitely clean much better than using your hands (which can be dirty) and it is effortless !

Cleansing is one of the most (if not THE most) important part of a skincare routine !




Buy it here with Free shipping, and tons of samples :))


1 (1) 1 (4) - Copy 1 (4) 1 (5) - Copy 1 (6) - Copy



For video description :


Blind test here :


A’Pieu new lines

A’Pieu has been renewing A LOT of their items recently and also created some new lines of products 🙂


their latest line of skincare is the Eco Fresh line, it is actually different lines , find them here:


Few pics 😛


Eco Fresh Original 100 Essence Start up

9-4 - Copy


Eco Fresh Forever Moist Cream

1-3 - Copy


Eco Fresh Future Water Cream

2-3 - Copy


Eco Fresh White Luminous Cream

3-3 - Copy


Eco Fresh White Luminous Fluid

6-4 - Copy


Aqua Nature Deep Sea Dew Drop Capsule Essence

7-4 - Copy



Aqua Nature Bamboo Dew Drop Capsule Essence8-4 - Copy



Eco Fresh Original 100 Essence Start up

9-4 - Copy (2)

Etude House Skin-Fit Foundation

Etude house just launched some new products :)))

This time, it is the Skin-fit foundation endorsed by the lovely Sulli ! ❤


Here it is !

I already uploaded it to my shop so you can buy it there directly ! :)) With lots of free samples and free shipping worldwide !


Etude House Skin-Fit Foundation

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IOPE Cushion for men

“Ohhh my gosh !!”

that is what I thought when I saw the IOPE Cushion for men last time I went shopping !

I really didn’t expect them to create such a surprise but at the same time, I think it is absolutely Genius !

What do you think ?? 🙂 I know guys have been secretely wanted an item of this kind ! and i’m really excited to get one for my bf as well actually 🙂

that’s how it looks, the case is pretty nice and manly actually !


buy it here :

1 1-4

Etude House new Suncare products and other new products

here are some of the other new products from Etude House 🙂

Etude House Oh happy day hand bouquet hand cream

Etude House sunprise must daily spf 50 pa


Etude House sunprise super aqua spf 35 pa


Etude House sunprise natural correctr spf 50 pa


Etude House sunprise water essence spf 30 pa


Etude House Sunprise mom and kids spf 35 pa


Etude House Woo baby plumping tint (2 colors)

5-6 5

Etude House Woo baby lip plumper

4-6 4

Etude House Every month cleansing cream number


Etude House Skin note hydrogel masks