Missha M glossy lip rouge and Missha M Matt Lip Rouge

Missha M glossy lip rouge and also all the other new products from Missha available in the shop now : http://www.w2beauty.com

Free shipping worldwide with lots of samples hihi :p

Here are all the new products 😀


Missha Signature Volume Brightening Concealer SPF30 PA


103 103-2 103-3 - Copy (2) 103-3 - Copy 103-3





Missha The Style Pencil&Powder Dual Eye Brow – 3 colors


104-2 - Copy (2) 104-2 104-3


Missha M Glossy Lip Rouge SPF13


107 107-3


Missha M Matt Lip Rouge SPF17


112 112-3



Missha Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Boosting essence

http://w2beauty.com/en/missha-essence/13516-missha-super-aqua-ultra-waterful-boosting-essence.html120-3 - Copy

Missha Misa Choboyang BB Cream – 2 tones


121-2 121-3 - Copy


Missha Rose Gold Half Moon Pouch


122-2 122-3



Missha Rose Gold Multi Pouch


123-2 123-3

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