A’Pieu new makeup :)

Another post on A’Pieu’s products because they definitely deserve more coverage 😀

A’Pieu Fruits Candy Stick

you can find them here :


29-3 30 31 32 33 27 28 29

– Another new item is the A’Pieu Perfect Fit Concealer Duo  (in 2 colors, NB01 and CB01)

to buy the NB01, here : http://w2beauty.com/en/a-pieu-concealer/13364-perfect-fit-concealer-duo-nb01.html

to buy the CB01, here : http://w2beauty.com/en/a-pieu-concealer/13365-perfect-fit-concealer-duo-cb01.html

34-4 - Copy 34-4

And one of the item I expected the most is :

The Smart Cushion case !! the case that allows you to create your own Cushion ! 🙂 the same as the IOPE one I love, yes ! you can make it so that it suits your skin tone perfectly !!


39 39-2 39-4


AND an item that I really really really think there is a nice potential to it :

Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher 


Find them all here:



Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher WH01

16-3 - Copy 16-3

Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher RD01

17-3 - Copy 17-3


Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher PK02

18-3 - Copy 18-3


Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher PK01

19-3 - Copy 19-3


Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher CR02

20-3 - Copy 20-3


Apieu Soochaebit Finger Blusher CR01

21-3 - Copy 21-3


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