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New products from Innisfree <3

As you all know by now, I love Innisfree and they have some new products now ! You will most probably love them as much as I do ;D


And still endorsed by the beautiful Yoona ❤Innisfree 1 (1) Innisfree 1 (2) Innisfree 1 (3) Innisfree 1 (7) Innisfree 2 (1) Innisfree 2 (4) Innisfree 3 (1) Innisfree 3 (8) Innisfree 4 Innisfree 5 (1) Innisfree 17 (2)

BIG SALES !!!!!! :))))

Heyyyyy !! TO thank you all for your great support , you know what …??? BIG DISCOUNTS !!! And good news, those are going to be PERMANENT SALES !! 🙂

However, I may need 2-3 more days before being able to ship the packages out…I hope you guyz will forgive me , i’m doing my best to give you better prices ! 🙂

Here is the list :
10% Banila Co
10% Etude House
10% Holika Holika
8% on Innisfree
15% Mizon
10% on It’s Skin
15% on Lioele
10% Missha
10% Nature Republic
10% Skinfood
15% Skin79
8% The Faceshop
15% The Saem
15% Tony Moly
15% Shara Shara
7% Laneige
7% Hera
7% Iope
7% Sulwhasoo

Like it ? 🙂

Summer Skincare with JessicaNovia

Hello everyone!

This is my first time writing for W2Beauty blog. Firstly, I would like to thank Alice for the amazing opportunity to guest blog for W2Beauty. I believe it is only appropriate for me to introduce myself first. I’m Jessica, and I am a Beauty (and Fashion) Vlogger at I’m at Pacific Standard Time (PST) and that would be the only reason my blogging schedule is different from Alice.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I started discovering make-up when I was about 16 or 17 years old, and the first item that I swore by was an eyeliner. Although I can’t remember what brand it was, I do remember vividly that it was a pencil eyeliner and I freaking loved it! Since then, I started picking up other items, ranging from powder foundation to lip glosses.

However, I have always stayed true to my first love, which is skincare. They are the basics and I can’t leave the house without having them on my face! The least would be sunblock. My longest love in the skincare department would be Laneige. haha.. Sounds cheesy I know! But, I’ve tried and tested a lot of other stuff and always ended up coming back to Laneige! So, that’s my little secret for you guys and listed below are my absolute essentials from Laneige that I can never live without.

Water Bank Essence















Laneige Water Bank Essence

because this works as hydrating agent before the moisturizer.

Water Bank Gel Cream














Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream

because I like light moisturizer on my face and having a gel moisturizer helps hydrates while giving you that light cooling sensation! Perfect for the summer and all year round!

Water Sleeping Pack_EX















Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

because this smells amazing and super relaxing when put at night; but of course, very good hydration for the skin given if you massage it into your skin.

That concludes my first ever blog post here, and don’t forget to check out my youtube channel at for some K-Pop inspired tutorial!
Thank you for reading!!



New A’Pieu Snail Line

Hello Dears !! 🙂

I know i’ve been talking and recommending the A’Pieu Essential Source snail line, but they are now out of selling , they renewed their snail line 🙂


Here is some pics of the new line that will be coming shortly on !! Get ready to get your hands on it ! ^^


The new line is basically an improvement, this time, they intensified the selection of the ingredients and they only take snails that were fed with Ginseng to bring in more effects ! Because what the snail ate also matters in its greatness ! this is a new trend that is coming from the korean brands I believe 🙂


ENJOY :))) and see you soon in the shop’s newest items !! 🙂 there are lots of new products coming for you ^^


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Nail art abstrait.

Bonjour à toutes & tous.

Je suis la nouvelle admin de ce blog et je vais vous présenter les nail art que je ferais avec les produits de la boutique W2Beauty.

J’espère que mes articles vous plairont, n’hésitez pas à me dire ce que vous en pensez!

Toutes critiques est la bienvenue, et tout compliments aussi bien sûr 🙂



J’ai donc d’abord posé mon vernis blanc, ensuite mon turquoise de façon aléatoire.

Après j’ai pris mes paillettes et ma peinture noire et voilà !

Voici les vernis de la boutique que j’ai utilisé :




Vous pourrez retrouvez mes swatch et nail sur mon BLOG.

Bonne journée à tous & à bientôt.

Special Discovery – Hanyul Optimizing Serum 70ml at W2beauty


10% Discount on the Hanyul Optimizing Serum here at W2Beauty


hanyul optimizing serum copie


Happy shopping ! I’m certain you will love it ! 🙂

Tony Moly CC Cream at $19.99 now and forever :D


Enjoy a lifetime discount on the Tony Moly CC Cream :p


It is now at $19.99 forever hehe , happy shopping !! :))


Tony C 162-6 Tony C 162-5 - Copy Tony C 162-4 Tony C 162-3 Tony C 162-2 Tony C 162



Tell us which item you prefer, we will do our best to make a good discount on it ! ^.^