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Men’s products ! Because We also have men products :))

If I was a guy, after seeing those pics, I will definitely choose The Faceshop haha :p


How can you possibly resists to Suzy’s beauty … ! :s Well… I can’t 🙂


TFS H 59 (3) TFS H 61 (2)

SKin79 most famous BB Cream ?

I’m sure all of you who are interested in Korean cosmetics already heard about Skin79’s BB Cream 🙂


Have you tried them ?? do you actually have one ?? 🙂

I personally have the pink one represented by the beautiful Ga-in :p and I just love it (and I love her too actually ^.^)

SK C 1-2 539802_592407774106669_1748216555_n

-15 discount on A’Pieu and Missha until the end of the month :)

Yeahhh you saw that right !! 🙂 -15% discount on A’Pieu and Missha’s products until the end of the month ! that’s the Summmerrr Sales in Korea 🙂


For some items, I may need to cancel the discount as they are not in sale in the shops 😦

but for most cases, you will be able to enjoy the discount :)))


Note: During sales period, the brands don’t give samples …. for that reason, i’m running low on samples for those brands 😥 missha apieu summer sale copie

Some of my favorite The Faceshop items :p

I just loved those products, what do you think about those ? ^^


Have you tried them already ?

942025_593828917302472_1563768593_n 484548_587725371246160_1853784319_n TFS D 742 (4) - Copy

Pore Designing Line – SKin 79 – Available at

This pore designing line from Skin79 is very promising!


That’s definitely something I will need to try in a near future as I have lots of requests about good pore treatment products 🙂



30ml – Skin Soothing, Sebum Balancing, Pore Tightening

you can buy it here:


SK A 41 (1) SK A 41 (2)




30ml – Pore Clarifying , Blackhead Melting, Sebum Clearing

SK A 42 (1) SK A 42 (4)




And the last product of the line :


100g – Skin purifying & Sebum absorption & Pore astriction



SK A 43 (1)

Iope best sellers in my shop, so far :)

Hello again dears 🙂


Recently, I’ve been receiving lots of orders for IOPE products :))

It is just amazing how this brand is getting more and more popular abroad :p

the 2 best sellers are by far those two :


Iope (7) Iope (2)


And I know why, those products are just amazing and veryyyyy efficient !! 🙂 If you need recommendation, I would definitely end up recommending those ones depending on your needs 😀


Few pics of some best sellers, you can find them all in our shop of course :D

Mamonde (7)Has anyone tried the Mamonde First energy serum ?

This is a best sellers for people aged between 20 and 30 in Korea ^.^

Find it here in our shop at 🙂


CC Cream from Skin79

Discover the new CC Cream from Skin 79 , it comes in two tones ! 🙂

Skin79 – Complete CC Cream Control Whitening UV Interception Spf 25 – Wrinkle improvement



SK C 36 (1) SK C 36 (1) SK C 36 (2) SK C 36 (3) SK C 36 (4) SK C 37 (1) SK C 37 (1)


Laneige CC Cream available now at

Laneige Water Base CC Cream Spf 36 comes in 2 tones, Pure Beige and Peach Pink , Enjoy 🙂

You can find it here :



Happy Shopping with W2Beauty 🙂




Laneige B 102 (1) Laneige B 102 (1) Laneige B 102 (3) Laneige B 102 (2) Laneige B 102 (2)

Mamonde CC Cream – Available now at

Discover the new CC Cream from Mamonde !

It looks fantastic according to me, I will test it very soon :p


Find it here at :

Mamonde B 30 (1) Mamonde B 30 (1) Mamonde B 30 (2) Mamonde B 30 (3) Mamonde B 30 (4) Mamonde B 30 (5) Mamonde B 30 (6) Mamonde B 30 (7) Mamonde B 30 (8) Mamonde B 30 (9) Mamonde B 30 (10) Mamonde B 30 (11) Mamonde B 30 (12)